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Kunming Sunshine Golf Club

  Kunming Sunshine Golf Club is located near Kunming – Qujing Highway 6 Kilometer in the north district of Kunming City. In the south it is adjacent to Expo Garden, Golden Temple Forest Park and Wild Animal Zoo; and in the northwest it abuts on Kunming Vegetation Park and Black Dragon Pond Park. Meanwhile, lots of new residential projects for the north district are built surrounding the club. The golf club is 10km away from main city proper of Kunming and 20km from the airport. The new airport is situated at the northeast flank of the club and there will be an airport superhighway and the east urban ring that access the club, thereby making the traffic unparalleled. While experiencing the noble and recreational golf sport, you are exposed to the charm of city of eternal spring where it is said blossoms fly everywhere.

  The golf course has originated from the perfect design of Robert Trent Jones Jr., the famous American golf course design company, and is a18-hole urban mountain golf course of the international standard tournament. Total length of the course is 7.217 yards and the pars amount to 72. The course and the facilities cover a total area of 2,419 mu (161.35 hectares). Reclining upon the mountain and situated beside the lake, the course demonstrates the remarkable charm of golf in both dynamic and still sense. Design of the course fully reflects the ideology that human and nature integrate into a harmonious unity, not only preserving the natural topography and landscape, but also combining with the natural cave, wild flower, pine woods, fruit trees and lake as the barrier zone of the course and dotted sceneries. Thus the player can enjoy the fun of picking the ripe fruit in the proper season while appreciating the beautiful course scenery that changes with the season. The course pays high attention to maintenance of sound ecological environment. While you rest after swing, you can see wild hare or squirrel besides the course and in the pine woods. There are wild ducks clustered in the water. Furthermore, you can enjoy the special fun of wild geese chasing each other.

  High-quality Bent Grass is chosen for the course. The course undulates with the topography. The bunkers beside the course or the green are flat or deep and slant. The greens are characterized by large area, fast speed and multiple hidden lines, and form a challenge of tournament level for the player. At the front nine holes on the course have mild topography and thereby presenting relative less difficult. So long as the ball falls at the right place and the speed of the green is grasped, the player can tee-off easily and take a leisurely ramble. The back nine holes has unstably undulant topography, so the there is higher difficulty and there are occasional unexpected cases, which is bound to present the play a paranormal experience of endless landscape on the peril peak.

  In the “best award for golf” the Golf Digest 2005, based on its excellent performance and international first-class quality since its commencement of business, Kunming Sunshine Golf Club won four awards in the evaluation:

  The four awards are “Distinguished”, “Best Maintenance”, “Best Club House Design” and “China Signature 18 Holes”.

  Driving Range

  ● The club boasts a first-rate illuminated Driving Range with 40 bays, wherein the first floor is provided with 20 public bays and the second floor is provided with 20 special bays for the members and arranged with two resting rooms for VIP. There are 6 target greens with different yards, a putting green and a practice bunker and a chipping green in the range. The entire range is paved with the top-quality Bent Grass and the lawn is tidy and smooth.

  ● An independent Pro-shop is arranged that mainly specializes in clubs and components. It can also follow the player’s demands to especially order the club and golf products.

  ● Professional coach bearing qualification certificate and adjutant coach services are available, so as to customize various gold training courses for the player.

  A. Single training course: 1. training on the driving range; and 2. training mate service in the golf course; B. Periodical training

  ● Club and shoes rental service

  ● Special snack in the dining hall of the Driving Range (such as cayenne and pork rice and Singapore style brined chicken rice noodle)

  Club House

  The Sunshine Golf Club House with excellent design is lying the edge of the golf course and sitting in the charming verdant atmosphere. The club house covers an area of 9600m² and integrates the dinging hall, the sauna, the meeting hall and the franchised store. The concise and transparent outlook design exposes the play to endless landscapes of the golf course no matter in the lobby pub, in the dinning hall or in the meeting hall.

  Business Convention Center

  The multifunctional Business Convention Center is provided with complete meeting facilities and is capable of undertaking various business meetings and creating the most satisfactory business negotiation environment. The Business Convention Center has a 240-seat meeting hall, a VIP meeting hall and other small meeting halls, which can be permutated and arrayed according to needs. The style is noble and lofty, fully demonstrating consummate combination of the sport and the business.

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